The pre-order, a blessing or a curse? kinda both...

Today, I want to talk to you not just as the founder of Suspect** but as someone who has been on an unexpectedly challenging journey. It’s important to me that you understand the recent hurdles we've faced and the impact they’ve had on you.

Just a few months ago, I was balancing this brand with a regular 9-to-5 job, managing orders from a small space in my parents' house. Then, almost overnight, our brand exploded in popularity. Suddenly, I was faced with decisions I never imagined I’d have to make so quickly - like leaving my stable job to dedicate myself entirely to Suspect**. It was a leap into the unknown, driven by my passion for this brand and its community.

Regarding the Delays: The growth was so rapid and overwhelming that our processes, particularly with our manufacturer, couldn't keep up. They promised a 20-day turnaround for our pre-order, which then extended to almost three months. I shared each update with you, believing we were on track, only to be let down. I realize now that this, unintentionally, may have caused mistrust. When the reality of their unfulfilled promises became clear, I chose to step back from social media rather than risk sharing more uncertain news.

Revamping Our Customer Support: In response to your feedback and as a part of our commitment to you, we've established a dedicated support team. This team is trained and ready to address your queries and concerns with the attention and efficiency you deserve. This is a significant step in ensuring that every interaction you have with Suspect** is a positive one.

To those who felt let down or chose to express your disappointment: I understand your frustration. I felt it deeply too, not just as a business owner but as someone who values trust and transparency above all. The last thing I ever wanted was to let you down.

Our Next Steps: We’ve now partnered with a fulfillment center, which means faster shipping and reduced costs for you. Orders in the Benelux will be delivered the next day if placed before 23h. This change is a direct response to the challenges we’ve faced and a commitment to improving your experience with us.

I want to say a genuine thank you. Your feedback, even when it's tough, is what drives us to do better. I’m here, learning from these experiences and investing every bit of profit back into making Suspect** a brand you can be proud of.

If my silence or actions in these past months have caused any of you to doubt our intentions or the quality of our brand, I am truly sorry. It’s a responsibility I take to heart. I hope you can see the steps we’re taking to improve and continue to support us on this journey.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and for being a part of the Suspect** family.

Warm regards,