Love Hurts T-shirt


Introducing the 'Fight Club Tee'. Crafted in Istanbul, it features a large DTG print on premium 300 GSM cotton for superior comfort and durability. Details include finely woven tags adding an extra touch of sophistication. 

Product Details:

  • Made in Istanbul
  • 300 GSM cotton
  • Large DTG print
  • Woven tags
  • Shipping: 1 day (Belgium), 2-4 days (International), 5+ days (outside Europe)

Dear Valued Customer,

We are reaching out to provide you with an important update on your 'Baggy Trackies' pre-order from Suspect.

Firstly, we are happy to announce that all pending orders will be shipped within the next two weeks. Our team is working around the clock to ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible.

As we address the logistics of your order, we also want to acknowledge the current state of our customer service. The launch of our 'Baggy Trackies' saw an extraordinary surge in followers and customer inquiries, overwhelming our capacity. Although we had expanded our customer service team for the 20 days following the drop, this period has elapsed, and currently, it’s just myself handling every aspect of Suspect. This situation has undoubtedly impacted our response times, for which we are actively seeking a long-term, scalable solution.

Regarding the delay in shipping, this was due to the unexpected popularity of the color gray, necessitating additional weaving of the fabric to meet our quality standards. We did not anticipate this level of demand, and it has temporarily affected our production schedule.

We are deeply committed to delivering the exceptional quality you expect from Suspect and are looking into ways to make up for the longer wait. Your patience and understanding have been invaluable during this time, and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We want to thank you for your support, which has been both humbling and overwhelming. Rest assured, we are confident that the final product will be worth the wait.

We appreciate your commitment to Suspect and are eager to update you once your order is on its way.

Kind regards,

@glenanton from Suspect**

We're behind excited to finally bring you these one-of-a-kind baggy joggers. We know pre-orders can be nerve-wrecking; who wants to pay for something and then wait, right? that's why we're breaking down our entire process - no gimmicks, no fine print, just the raw details.

1. Dates To Remember

Pre-order window: the magic begins this Saturday, September 23rd, 4PM cet, and closes the following Monday, September 25th. After that, we'll go dark to get these into production, which will take approximately 15 days. Then, it's shipping time! 


2. Exclusivity Matters

We're deliberately limiting the number of pre-orders for each color way. We want you to. be among the special few who get to wear these pieces of art.

3. You're waiting, so we're discounting

€20 off each pre-order, as a sign of gratitude. The pre-order is €20 cheaper than what we'll sell for later. we're basically only covering our costs and preparing for the next production cycle. You save money, and we get to keep doing what we love, Fair enough?


4. Stalk your order (literally)

You'll be able to track your order from our workshop to your wardrobe. we're pulling back the curtain, Letting you see every detail as it happens. you'll receive 3 live updates daily from initial production to shipping. you'll also have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage of your order being made.

5. Just for you

We're launching a dedicated 24/7 hotline. Got a burning questions at 3 a.m? Call us. because you deserve nothing less. This is not just another pre-order. it's a customer-focused approach to make the waiting period as transparent and comfortable for you as possible. 

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